Being one of the largest rolling stock lessors, TransFin-M has expertise and years of experience that enable us to be flexible in structuring lease transactions with account for the specifics of the client's business and market seasonality
TransFin-M leases mine shaft equipment, grapple loaders, special-purpose machinery used in mining operations and transloading in open pit mines, as well as other auxiliary equipment
TransFin-M has extensive experience in projects related to the financing of port equipment and other industrial machinery currently used in the largest sectors of the economy
TransFin-M has an extensive track record in financing lease transactions for the acquisition of marine and river vessels. The company currently owns more than 30 water vessels of various purposes, types and classes
TransFin-M finances lease transactions for real estate acquisition. We lease offices, retail and warehouse facilities as well as premium real estate
TransFin-M has considerable experience in leasing aircraft to both Russian and foreign companies. The company has established a subsidiary, TFM Aviation Limited, registered in Ireland, to structure international transactions
TransFin-M offers flexible plans for logging machinery leasing, with account for the specifics of our clients’ requirements. Service contract costs can be included in the lease payments schedule, we also offer leasing with a higher buyout value
We secure efficient and reliable transportation of all types of freights through the Atlant rolling stock operating company, providing services on different routes of the Russian within the 1,520 mm track gauge railway system
Our subsidiary, TFM-Spetsteknhika, offers services at Russia's largest fields, from drilling and blasting operations to mine reclamation
TransFin-M shows healthy growth rates, which indicates the efficiency of the company’s operations and its stable financial position
TransFin-M is one of the largest leasing companies in Russia
Unparalleled expertise
Large fleet of assets
Comfortable lease terms
Tax advantages
6th place in the rankings
of leasing companies
in terms of leasing portfolio
11th place in the rankings
of leasing companies
by volume of new business
Expert RA
S&P Global Ratings
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As of July 01, 2021, TransFin-M PC ranked 6th among the largest leasing companies in Russia in terms of leasing portfolio and number 11 in terms of new business, according to the Expert RA Rating Agency
Financial performance
Leasing portfolio
as of October 1, 2021
Bond volume, 19 issues
as of September 30, 2021
RAS equity
as of September 30, 2021
М.V. Anishchenkov
Message from
the Director General

In 2021, we decided to focus on the areas in which the Company is most competent. Now we are actively developing financial leasing programs for commercial real estate, sea- and riverboats, aircraft and special equipment, and we have significantly improved our results in the operating activities. We have expanded our geography in the mining sector and offer contracting services at major fields of the Kuznetsk Coal Basin, Republic of Buryatia, Sakhalin and Novosibirsk region. We are successfully intensifying our activities in the railway sector through Atlant, our subsidiary. In 2021, the company’s railcar fleet reached 61,600 units.

М.V. Anishchenkov ,
Director General of TransFin-M
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Social projects
In line with our views on corporate citizenship responsibility, we take part in a large number of charity projects, launching new initiatives to support socially disadvantaged people, that is people with disabilities and severe medical conditions, most of all, children

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