CEO's address to the investors

М.V. Anishchenkov
М.V. Anishchenkov
Chief Executive Officer, TransFin-M

Dear colleagues,

TransFin-M is a major player in the leasing market, with stable credit ratings. Our key financial indicators show high growth rates, which are the result of efficient operations of our company and evidence of its sustainable financial position.

TransFin-M’s long-term commitment to the investment market and impeccable performance of its obligations to the investors established the company as a major player in the bonds market with high financial reliability and investor confidence. As of September 30, 2021, the company has 19 bond issues outstanding, a total worth of RUB 87.6 billion. TransFin-M is rated among top leading leasing companies in Russia in terms of leasing portfolio, which amounted to 171.6 billion rubles as of October 1, 2021. TransFin-M PC ranked 6th among the largest leasing companies in Russia in terms of leasing portfolio and number 11 in terms of new business, according to the Expert RA Rating Agency.

The company’s core activity is financing lease transactions involving railcars, port equipment, water vessels, and various types of special-purpose machinery for the mining and metallurgical industry, as well as operating rolling stock and special-purpose machinery through subsidiaries. We decided to focus on the areas in which the Company is most competent. Now we are actively developing financial leasing programs for commercial real estate, sea- and riverboats, aircraft and special equipment, and we have significantly improved our results in the operating activities. We have expanded our geography in the mining sector and offer contracting services at major fields of the Kuznetsk Coal Basin, Republic of Buryatia, Sakhalin and Novosibirsk region. We are successfully intensifying our activities in the railway sector through Atlant, our subsidiary. In 2021, the company’s railcar fleet reached 61,600 units.

We are pleased that the Russian Government realizes the importance of TFM Group’s activities for uninterrupted operation of the transport and mining industries and has included TransFin-M in the list of backbone companies for the country’s transport infrastructure. Our success has been confirmed by rating agencies. ACRA confirmed the company’s credit rating in December 2021 to BBB+ (RU).

TransFin-M has ambitious development goals, and it is a great pleasure to see our work results testifying to the efficiency of our efforts. I am convinced that thanks to the cooperation between the TransFin-M team, our partners, clients and investors, we will achieve all our targets, and the operating results will be solid as ever.

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