ACRA Upgrades TransFin-M Rating to BBB+(RU), Stable Outlook

14 December 2020
The Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) upgraded the credit rating of TransFin-M PC to BBB+(RU) with a stable outlook. Simultaneously, the agency also upgraded the credit ratings of bond issues RU000A0JXK99, RU000A0JXVB1, RU000A0ZYEB1, RU000A0ZYFS2, RU000A100TS6 to ВВВ+(RU).

According to ACRA, the rating upgrade is a result of a significant boost of the company’s market position following an increase in its freight car fleet last year, with account for TransFin-M’s intentions to maintain this trend in early 2021. At the same time, the company’s strategy implies further development of the existing lines of business (operating lease of rolling stock and special-purpose vehicles, port equipment leasing) due to the long-standing expertise of TransFin-M’s executives in these areas.

According to the agency’s press release, the capital adequacy ratio (CAR) for TransFin-M is high (amounting to 24.5% as of 30.06.2020), and a sturdy assessment of the company’s risk exposure is primarily related to a low ratio of troubled and potentially troubled assets in the leasing portfolio (not exceeding 5%).

TransFin-M spent last year developing and increasing operating efficiency across all business lines, solidifying its risk exposure and improving financial performance and meeting the strategic targets. The rating upgrade of the company and its bond issues by a leading rating agency is an important event for everyone in the company and a testimony to TransFin-M’s solid market position and investment appeal of its debt instruments.

Maxim Anishchenkov, Director General TransFin-M PC

ACRA Upgrades TransFin-M Rating to BBB+(RU), Stable Outlook
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