Atlant Grows Fleet of Rolling Stock

12 August 2020
Since the beginning of 2020, Atlant LLC has increased its fleet under management to 6,700 boxcars (a 250% increase) and tripled its fleet in operation to 3,300 units.
In the first half of the year, the Company transported more than 10,000 cars worth of cargo in this rolling stock category. Most of the goods delivered were construction and timber goods, foodstuffs and chemicals.

Despite a challenging situation in the railway transportation market in general and a growing competition with containers, transportation by boxcars is still highly demanded by users of the Russian Railroads networks. Boxcars have numerous advantages, such as versatile nature of the cargo, protection against bad weather, safety en route, which make them an indispensable transportation option for a variety of goods. As a railway operator, we complement the technical advantages of boxcars with outstanding service.

Thanks to prompt rolling stock supply, reliable freight delivery, flexible and customized cooperation terms regardless of the scale of the shipper, we are able to constantly increase the fleet under management and expand our customer base. Today we are working with most of the Top-100 shippers and continue to increase our fleet of boxcars.

First Deputy General Director Atlant LLC, Alexey Vinnikov
Atlant Grows Fleet of Rolling Stock
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