Atlant Increases Fleet of Boxcars

14 July 2021
Atlant LLC (a subsidiary of TransFin-M) has increased its fleet of boxcars in operation to 6.5 thousand units, rising to the second place in the market. The share of hicube boxcars with a 5,300-5,600 cubic feet capacity is 25%; the remaining 75% accounts for medium-capacity cars (4,900 cubic feet).

 The company’s total fleet of boxcars amounts to 7,800 units, including units under lease. Atlant transported more than 1 million tons of cargo in the first half of 2021. Food products (sugar, flour, etc.), construction goods (wall materials, marble, cement, etc.) and processed wood products (MDF, chipboard, etc.) account for most of that volume.  Boxcars remain a popular solution in the market, despite growing competition with containers.

 The biggest advantage of containers in the Russian market is not the transportation technology but the tariff, which does not depend on the cargo type and class. Importantly, boxcar freight can be delivered to literally every station in the most remote areas of Russia and the former Soviet republics, while containers should be handled according to specific requirements.

 Vladimir Sosipatorov, Director General Atlant LLC:
Boxcar transportation is an attractive and fairly stable market segment. A wide range of cargoes from various industries, including agriculture, food processing, petrochemicals, construction materials and wood processing, poses new challenges and keeps the company on its toes. We expect the boxcar segment to take the lead in post-pandemic economic recovery. I am confident that given our track record, we have the efficiency and technology to meet our clients’ demands and perform our obligations.

Atlant Increases Fleet of Boxcars
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