TransFin-M Launches New Leasing Program in Logging Industry

18 November 2021

The TransFin-M leasing company has announced the launch of a new program for leasing logging machinery. The program finances the purchase of mechanical logging equipment employed under the Scandinavian logging method, providing for the most sparing use of forest resources.

TransFin-M PC works with logging companies that take care of forests and carry out logging to prevent forest fires.

In case of a positive decision, the purchaser makes an advance payment, with TransFin-M PC covering the balance of the cost. The financing terms offered by TransFin-M PC allow for including the machinery servicing costs in the lease payment schedule, in addition to the option of leasing with a higher buyout value.

Maxim Anishchenkov, Director General of TransFin-M PC, says:

Russia’s integrated forest development strategy is aimed at protecting and rehabilitation of forests. It  provides for more careful and sustainable approaches to logging, which entails using advanced logging equipment. TransFin-M PC, working with all major leading manufacturers of logging machinery, offers personalized, prompt and flexible transaction financing terms to its clients. At the same time, it is important for us that our clients should promote responsible forest management and conduct rehabilitation of logging sites.

TransFin-M Launches New Leasing Program in Logging Industry
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