Vladimir Sosipatorov Takes Charge of Atlant LLC

04 August 2020
Vladimir has more than 25 years of experience in rail transport.  He took part in reforming the railway industry and establishing the first rolling stock operators. From 2007 to 2013, he was the Deputy General Director for Commerce at the First Freight Company. Since 2013, he has been implementing the heavy haulage technology on the 1,520 gauge track. Among the railroad operators he managed are Vostok1520 LLC and First Heavyweight Company JSC (ranked by RBC as Russia’s fastest-growing company in 2019).

Atlant LLC is a young company operating under high competitive pressure; and yet, it has successfully become a prominent player in the rail transportation market. Our next goal, besides strengthening Atlant’s position among the top railroad operators in Russia, is to build a reliable control system that would meet all modern requirements to business process automation and facilitate prompt decision-making. In this volatile market, it is particularly important that we provide a responsible and friendly service to our clients.

Vladimir Sosipatorov

Atlant LLC is a railway operator with a diversified fleet of freight rolling stock. Atlant is part of TFM Group, a large-scale diversified structure combining financial and operating businesses. The company is a subsidiary of TransFin-M PC (75%) and VEB.RF Group (25%). The operator renders a full range of services for freight transportation over the entire railroad network in Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries. As of July 1, 2020, the company owns 44,600 units of rolling stock, including 30,600 gondola cars, 6,600 boxcars, 7,200 oil tank cars, and other units.

Vladimir Sosipatorov Takes Charge of Atlant LLC
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