Social projects

In line with our views on corporate citizenship responsibility, we take part in a large number of charity projects, launching new initiatives to support socially disadvantaged people, that is people with disabilities and severe medical conditions, most of all, children.

TransFin-M primarily operates in the following areas:

Professional consultancy services

As a member of various organizations of state importance, our company pursues a full transparency policy in its leasing operations, acts as a guest expert, lifting the awareness level in the field of financial lease and the economic environment in the industry as a whole. We openly share successful solutions applied within the company.

Corporate social responsibility

TransFin-M strives to improve the living standards for its employees and their families by strictly following its statutory obligations and providing additional support measures. The management stays focused on the employees’ interests, takes a considerate stance towards the people and celebrates their success, in addition to promoting tolerance and mutual assistance within the team. Social and corporate events are regularly held within the company.


Year after year, we make a special focus on our socially oriented marketing efforts and improve cooperation with charitable organizations. Our employees actively support orphanages, assist people with disabilities, and participate in charity events and marathons.

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