Leasing of special machinery

TransFin-M leases mine shaft equipment, grapple loaders, special machinery used in mining operations and transloading in open pit mines, as well as other auxiliary equipment
Financing terms
Amount of financing
50 million and above
Lease term
up to 12 years
Advance payment
on a case-by-case basis
Transaction currency
Payment schedule
equal or decreasing
legal entities
Additional information
  • Flexible client review procedure
  • Decision time – under 20 days
The company's experience in figures
Special-purpose vehicles owned as of July 1, 2022

Leasing portfolio as of July 1, 2022

Top 10
Russian leasing companies in terms of leasing portfolio

17 years
In the leasing industry

Extensive expertise
Extensive expertise
Extensive expertise

Over 17 years of successful development and in-depth competencies in highly competitive industries

Large fleet of assets
Large fleet of assets
Large fleet of assets

TFM Group owns more than 80,200 units of railroad rolling stock, 250 special-purpose mining machines, and 27 watercraft of different purposes

Comfortable lease terms
Comfortable lease terms
Comfortable lease terms

We have a flexible approach to structuring lease transactions, taking into account the specifics of our clients’ businesses

Tax advantages
Tax advantages
Tax advantages

Lease services are treated as expenses for the tax purposes, helping reduce corporate income tax

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