Operating services in the railway sector

We secure efficient and reliable transportation of all types of freights through the Atlant Operating company, providing services on different routes of the Russian within 1,520 mm gauge
Types of jobs
Universal fleet operation
Organizing railroad transportation of bulk cargoes to any destination within Russia, the CIS and the Baltic states
Railcar leasing
Leasing boxcars, gondolas, tank cars for transporting crude oil and oil products, container flatcars and other types of rolling stock
Freight forwarding services
Payment of freight charges and fees for moving loaded and empty rolling stock, with provision of all documents as required
Rail car repairs and spare parts supply
Maintenance of freight cars, interaction with car repair factories, provision of a revolving stock of high-value parts, and other services
Customizable tariffs
Optimal offers for managing rolling stock tailored to each client’s individual business needs
The company's experience in figures
thousand units
Railcars under Atlant management
Top 4
Fleet of railcars in the property
thousand units
Boxcars in the fleet
thousand units
Gandolas in the fleet
Efficient freight forwarding
A large fleet of railcars, regular updates of tariffs and a rail traffic flow management system ensure efficiency of freight transportation. To maximize the fleet management efficiency, we ensure prompt supply of rolling stock, negotiate pricing conditions and cargo delivery chain options.
Most popular railcar types
Our fleet of rail cars includes a wide range of rolling stock modifications:
  • gondolas: 12-132 12-1704-04, 12-1302 12-4102, 12-119 12-9818, 12-9085 12-1000-05, 12-783 12-127, 12-532 12-1293
  • tank cars: 5-1213 15-1566, 15-1547-03 15-289, 15-1755 15-1210А, 15-740 15-9872, 15-1443 15-2132, 15-150 15-1213
  • boxcars: 11-280 11-217, 11-1807-01 11-264, 11-7038 11-270, 11-9962 11-276, 11-9962-01 Р-9494-01, 11-066-04 11-1807
  • hopper
  • container flatcars
And more than 100 other types of cars, as shown on our website.
Transparent tariffs
A flexible approach to lease tariff takes into account the specifics of our client’s businesses, seasonal market fluctuations, upcoming repair works, lease term, and other factors.
Dispatch control
We operate a 24-hour dispatch service to monitor the rail traffic and to promptly inform the client about the status of shipments.
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